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Its the time of year again where we get a deluge of triple A releases competing for our precious time and money. 2011 brings in Arkham City, Battlefield 3, MW3, Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Zelda Skyward Sword, and Saint’s Row 3 -which I’m really surprised by the amount of positive hype this one’s getting. While I’m really looking forward to beating the crap out of pedestrians with purple dildos while signing autographs, there was never any doubt as to where most of my (dwindling) gaming time will be spent. While most gamers will be calling in airstrikes and getting headshots, I’ll be sneaking around stealing shit in some random cave in Skyrim. | This Year in Photos 2009

Big Picture Manila floods

The Big Picture takes a look at 2009 through the lens of some amazing photographers.

Big Picture Iran Elections

Part 1

Part 2

Dec 15 | 25 Comments

LTTP: The Wire

Omar of The Wire

I’ve been putting off The Wire for about a year plus now. The buzz around the show was universally positive, but I have never been a fan of cop dramas and on first glance that’s what The Wire seems like. The first few episodes’ slow pace did not help either. The Out of The Game podcast got to talking about the show a few months back and that finally pushed me to at least go through the first season.

New Cebu blog in town : DBGG1979 - Cebu City and everything else caught in my viewfinder…

Gratz to jiggy on his new [photo]blog. He’s really gotten quite deep into photography in the past months. ;)

Jul 08 | 44 Comments

Missing PC Games: Empire: Total War

I’ve pretty much given up on PC Gaming about 2 years ago, a few months after I got my 360. The need for constantly upgrading my rig just for the satisfaction of cranking up a game’s video settings on high, coupled with hunting for workarounds should bugs arise and playing on a desk instead of a couch, eventually pushed me to become an occasional PC gamer.

I do miss the depth that a lot of PC games have, the Total War series is emblematic of this. Empire is the latest in the franchise, and its as epic, strategically rich, and gorgeous as always. :)

Post earthquake Sichuan in photos’s The Big Picture consistently puts out amazing photosets on various themes and settings and this one on Sichuan is no exception.

Fallout’s desolate wasteland looks strikingly similar to some of these shots. The feeling of loss and the destruction of what once was has been captured by both Bethesda and the images here.

Sichuan’s earthquake, six months later

Nov 27 | 39 Comments

Drupal snippet: moving node comments onto a block

**Update: ** Disregard what I said here, follow this instead:

I decided to start documenting little bits of code for Drupal, so I could refer back to it when needed, and so I could have a little variety, as not everyone is interested in all the games I play. I hope this will be of some use to some of you.

I wanted to separate the comments section of my blog posts from the main content area because my layout's footer is perfect for it. But digging around for hooks / theme overrides got me nowhere. I resorted to hacking up some jQuery to grab the comments section,and prepend it to the footer. It worked well for the most part, but reCAPTCHA wouldn't play nice with this implementation.

Work and Megamans

Work’s keeping me too busy to post again (and no posting at night isn’t an option, post-nukelar DC won’t explore itself!), so here’s an awesome stop motion video of some retro game that I spent time with back in the NES days, should keep my 2 readers entertained. :)

Oh, and two more things, The Flag module for Drupal is all kinds of useful, and I want Mirror’s Edge despite its mixed reviews.

Nov 11 | 4 Comments

Fable 2 is horrible

If you value your free time / social life / mate / dog, stay away from Fable 2. It’s an all consuming game that will swallow hours of your life. The game’s depth and charm is just too much for me and I keep coming back to it every chance I get. I’ve neglected Rock Band (which I excitedly purchased a few weeks ago after finding out the Asian version was out in Singapore), Guitar Hero: World Tour, Far Cry 2 (another potential timesink) , just to return to the world of Albion and grind away at Bartending so I can afford to buy out the bar and blacksmith in Bowerstone. Hell I even snuck in a game over the lunch break.

Fallout 3 can't come soon enough

Any RPG player worth his gamer badge would acknowledge the Fallout series as one of the genre’s all time classics. The post nuclear setting mixed with 50’s era vibe, the memorable characters , the SPECIAL system, and the way you could turn your foes’ torsos into chunks of flesh when using the Minigun (the splatter sounds were glorious), all woven into a deep and open RPG experience.

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